Monday, September 23, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

It is good to hear from you! So to start off I haven't gotten my bike yet. It might have been sent to the wrong place. So if you can check that out for me that would be awesome. I haven't gotten any packages yet so at least I have something to look forward to. :)

My first area has been great so far. When we got here we met the mission president. President Van Cott is super cool and his wife is super funny. She reminds me of you momma! :-) 

Arriving in Redlands
My companion is Elder Taylor from Sandy, Utah and has been out for about 16 months. We get along great and he is super funny.. I got that wish, YES! (He had wished for a companion with a sense of humor). 

The ward I'm serving in is the Redlands Pioneer ward. We don't have any investigators just yet but we have a few people who have invited us back. One person is a single mom that lives in our area. She doesn't live with her kids but she is trying to be able to send the out here. She seems to be the most interested in the gospel of all the people I've met so hopefully it goes well. Other than L. we have been meeting with less active members. One of these guys is Bro. G.. He is a 56 year old who is just barely starting to come back to church. He is so awesome!  He is a cyclist so he has been helping me fix the bike I'm riding since I don't have my own. 

The people in this ward are so cool and they take care of us. A bunch of them like Firefly and Arrested Development. So awesome. The apartment we live is isn't the nicest but hey we have fun. Me and Elder Taylor and our roommates, Elder Weaver and Elder Summerhays get along well. 

Today is my first P day and we went on a hike for a zone activity, I really enjoyed that. Say Hi to everyone for me, and to write to me too! :)

Elder Barker

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