Monday, October 7, 2013

Conference was Amazing!!

Yes, I got your greenie package and it made me laugh! Then I went and downed all of the food in like ten seconds. I might be fat when I come home. :)  I had a great Birthday! We went over to the Mission Presidents house for our P-Day activity. We were able to relax and play some pool and stuff. Then Sister Van Cott made me brownies! Then they all sang to me and we had brownies and ice cream. It was Great!! Then there is my package... It was AWESOME! :D haha I loved the legos from the Allens! And all of the birthday cards! :) I also got one from the Searles, that was totally great!! They all sent me cool missionary pictures that were so funny.  Kameron sent me an Arrested Development themed paper that was super funny, and Shaury got me popcorn!

Elder Taylor and Elder Barker, goofing off for the camera

Redlands Temple

"Super" Elder Barker on P-day, ready for a hike
I want to share a funny story that happened this week. A few days ago me and Elder Taylor were trying to find the house of someone who was supposed to live in our area. So we were searching on this street called the Terrace, and we couldn't find the house number. It was 505 the Terrace, so after searching for like 30 minutes we sat down on a bench and looked across the street. Guess what, we found 505 the Terrace. The best part is... 505 the Terrace is a lamp post! It made me laugh so hard.

The Lamp post

(Momma's note:  I'm thinking the address on the lamp post is for the house behind it but hey, maybe it is just for the lamp post... Haha)

So conference was so amazing! It was exactly what I needed. I was spiritually revived after it. I loved Elder Holland's talk the most. His and President Monson's talks were my absolute favorites! I had felt I needed extra strength and prayed earnestly and when I watched Conference, well I really can't describe what happened. A very intense feeling of love and peace came over me as I sat there and listened to the member of the Seventy who was speaking. So intense it brought tears to my eyes and I came to a knowledge that my Father in Heaven not only loves me very deeply, but that he knows me and my fears and he is always there for me in my time of need. I know without a shadow of a doubt I am out here doing the Lords work. and that this is His work! He guides me in my everyday life to help strengthen not only those around me, but me as well. I testify of this in the name of the Savior Jesus Christ Amen.

Love you and miss you lots!!

Elder Barker

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