Monday, October 21, 2013

Miracles in the Lord's Work

Lots of miracles happened this week! The Lord has been putting so many people in our way, it is great! Something that I have learned is that when you let the Lord control His work, miracles WILL happen! 

We met a woman named J. and we were talking with her about the plan of salvation and we gave her a Book of Mormon. She opened it and was super excited for some reason. She told us that she couldn't read without her glasses, but she sat there and read the first verse of 1st Nephi! It was crazy, she was able to read it clear as day without her glasses! 

We have a lot more people to teach now but the hard part is actually getting to teach them. It seems like every time we set up an appointment it falls through but we are still trying our best and we know it will work out. 

One of our newest investigators is a woman who was a referral given to us by some other Elders. Elder Taylor and I went to try to meet her. She is a white woman living with a black man and apparently because of this they have been the victims of some severe hate crimes! Someone burned down her shed with some puppies in it, can you believe that?? Their house was broken into and trashed too, it has just been awful! Her faith has been faltering because of this. Her boyfriend asked us missionaries to talk with her to "get her right with God". She is a really sweet lady and we talked a lot about God's love for us, and how she can get closer to her Heavenly Father.  We have an appointment with her this week so we will see how it goes. 

Love and miss everyone!

Elder Barker

                  A few pictures he sent...

Sister Wengreen and Sister Mickelson

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