Monday, November 18, 2013

A Baptism date, delicious food, and don't knock the ding dongs!

It was so nice to see the pictures of McKenna opening her birthday present! I'm glad that she liked it! 

Life in the singles ward is going good, some exciting news is that one of our investigators Vince, has a baptismal date for Dec 7th! He is super solid so I am excited! Elder Palmer and I want to have 2 baptisms this transfer, so there is one! Yay! 

We haven't had any new investigators though, but we are trying. We go up onto the campus of Cal State each week and try to contact people. We get a lot of contacts and set up return appointments, but when it comes time for the appointment they text us saying "I don't feel very comfortable meeting with you guys." WHY?? It is frustrating! However, we have been meeting with some less actives and we still have other investigators that we are seeing.

It is a lot of fun to go to all of the singles activities like FHE (Family Home Evening). We are doing a no rules Pinewood Derby race. I'm making a car and I'm going to put rockets on the back or something. We also taught a mission prep class the other night that was really fun! 

I don't have any pictures this week, I forgot to take some. But I will take plenty this week to make up for it! Don't knock my ding dong picture!! I was soooooo excited to be able to eat a ding dong again that I just had to document it!
(He sent these pictures home on his SD card)

I get fed well every night and I'm getting to know the people in the ward. Last night we had Pupusas and they were awesome! Think Mexican pancakes stuffed with meat, cheese and deliciousness!

I am really excited to hear about Patrick's mission call to Portugal, that's so cool!! 

I was able to get in to see the orthodontist to get a new top retainer made and I go back to pick it up in 2 weeks. :)

Could you send me Colten's address? And you should tell Corbyn that I sent him an email and he should write me back ASAP!! :)

Love you all lots, tell everyone that I say "Hi!" ((Psychic Hug)) ;)


Elder Barker

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