Monday, November 4, 2013

Serving the Singles

Man, do I have some pictures for you! Serving in the Singles ward has been super fun, we have been really really busy!! We get to drive a truck because our area covers two stakes, we also get to go to all of the activities like institute and Family Home Evening. There was an Institute Halloween party my first day here and everyone dressed up, I got a picture with Luigi. Haha Guess what I was?? ...A missionary! :)
Of course he found Luigi... :)
On Halloween I made a makeshift costume out of stuff I had laying around. It was cool! 

They feed us good here just like my last area, so don't worry about that! :) The singles in the ward sign up to feed us and sometimes we go with other missionaries who cover the family wards and eat with the singles families. 

Like I said, we have been really busy. We are teaching like 7 people right now, it is great! We taught 17 total lessons this past week! :D But my favorite thing that happened this week is that we are teaching two girls from China.We found them out contacting on the campus of Cal State and they are so awesome! We had a lesson with them on how God is our loving Heavenly Father, and how they can talk to him through prayer. They had never heard of Jesus Christ or God really at all. They both said their first prayer! Ah, it was so cool! We got Chinese Book of Mormon's to give to them in our next lesson which should be tomorrow. I'm super excited!!

Something that wasn't so fun but was cool is that I got an ingrown toenail removed this week. :( I cut my toe moving another Elder's bed and it got infected and all ingrown, it was gross! (Momma's note: I'll spare everyone the photo... ) So I called the mission nurse who called a Dr, who then called a foot specialist who happens to be a member and I was able to get in to see him that same day. He removed a huge chunk of my toenail which was actually stuck inside of my toe! It is healing up nice and feels so much better so I'm happy! I have a follow up appointment with the Dr. on Thursday. 

I did send Patrick an email, so I'll try to see if I can get to him through Andria or something. And it's so cool that Ryan and those guys showed up on Halloween, that makes me very happy! I also got McKenna's letter and it was super awesome! 

Things have been going good for me and I've been making sure to write in my journal everyday! My companion is a zone leader and we try to stay as busy as possible, he is going home after this transfer. 
My companion, Elder Palmer.
Well, I love and miss you all.


Elder Barker 

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