Monday, December 2, 2013

Teaching by the Spirit

My Thanksgiving was so good! It went as follows, eat yummy dinner... talk with members...leave. Go to another house just to say Hi...they feed us another yummy dinner. Leave and go to another house, and rinse and repeat. :-) We had FIVE dinners! I think I gained like 20 pounds! 

We had a lesson with V and he is on track for Baptism! He says he wants me to confirm him! I'm so excited about that!!
The day before Thanksgiving last week, I went on a companion exchange with a Spanish Elder, and you see I speak no Spanish! So I spent a lot of my day sitting there nodding and stuff. It was a really cool experience though! 

We were contacting people in a store parking lot last week and this guy came up to us. He was really nice, and wanted to know kinda what drove us to do missionary work, and he commended us for being out in San Bernardino at night. But then he went on and told us that since he was right in his own beliefs that we were going to hell and that we were dragging others down to hell. He was a super nice guy, but still there really isn't any good way you can take that. 

It makes me happy for the way missionaries work. We don't try to force our ideas on people, we invite them to find out for themselves if what we say is true. We as missionaries know it is true, but nothing we say or do really matters if a person doesn't believe. If a missionary is out here to prove everyone else wrong, then he (or she) is out here for the wrong reasons and things are going to be harder for them. As long as we help them to feel the spirit, then the spirit will tell them what is right and what is not. The spirit is the true teacher in this work.

After this guy left, I was very troubled by what he had said. I read my scriptures, prayed for understanding and guidance, and went to sleep. That day, I had received some letters from some friends. In these letters I was reminded of who I really am, and why I am out here. I'm helping others come to a knowledge that they have a loving Heavenly Father. I see the peace and joy that this brings into peoples lives! So my challenge to all those who really want to know if this is the truth. Don't take anyone's word for it, not even the missionaries. My challenge is to go and ASK GOD HIMSELF. It is promised that He will answer you, and it is my promise that He always keeps His promises!
Redlands Temple

I love you all and I and I can't wait for Christmas!! I loved the short video clip of Kameron! :-) That's so cool about Aaron's engagement, tell him "Hi" and "Congrats" from me!

Oh by the way, I looked at family search, and well dad's side of the family doesn't seem to exist anymore! What's up with that? Talk to you all again soon!


Elder Barker

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