Monday, December 30, 2013

The Gospel Rapper

It was so great to be able to talk with you guys on Christmas, I loved it SOOOOOOO much!! Don't worry, I thanked Sister S. like a billion times! :-) My favorite gift was the DVD with Christmas wishes from everyone, it was AMAZING!! I absolutely love my sweater too, I wear it like everyday! (even though it is like 75-80 degrees outside!) :)

I wear my awesome Superman PJs to bed each night, and I've almost listened to all the John Bytheway talks and I love them! I also got a sweet package from the Allen's, it was so great!!  I'd love it if you could send me more cool talks or music. 

For the rest of Christmas day we spent some time trying to see people, but most of them were not home and stuff. We had dinner at a member's home and we had a really great time. Now I don't have pictures for you at the moment, but don't worry I'll be sending some I swear! :) We played games and were able to teach them a little message it was great! 

The rest of the week was super awesome! We had our Book of Mormon study class that has been gaining popularity, and we had a lesson with an investigator and we set a baptism date for him! Now I can't say anymore than that because he has asked us to keep it to ourselves for now, but we will be meeting with him more and more to get him ready! 

We also were asked by our Gospel Rapper neighbor J to go to the surprise birthday for his girlfriend! (they live together and have a 2 year old son) He had all his friends from his church there and we were able to talk with them about our church. Also something cool that happened was that one J's friends was talking to J's dad about N. (J's son) N just went through surgery on his intestines, and they were talking about how miraculous his recovery was and how bad his condition was and stuff. Now I had given a blessing to N a few weeks earlier, and what these guys were describing of what happened, is exactly what I had said in the blessing weeks earlier! How cool is that?!? :D 

We had a mission conference today, we had Elder Richards of the Seventy there and he talked a lot about teaching simply. It was super awesome! I love you and miss you all! Have a Happy New Year!


Elder Barker

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