Monday, January 27, 2014

Member Missionary Work

I've been doing well this past week, well other than the fact that I caught a really bad cold which caused me to be down and out for a day. But I'm doing better now! Thankfully I didn't catch the stomach flu. Another Elder caught that since it has started going around. I stayed with another Elder who was also sick and Elder Hall went out to work with the other Elders companion. So you can imagine that my week was a little less productive than usual, but we still were able to do a lot! 

We have been getting investigators to the temple so that has been super awesome! You can feel the spirit so strongly there! We also have been going up onto campus and contacting people. We haven't had too much luck (college kids can be a little stubborn sometimes) but I have had "a lot" of time to practice the Ukulele! :) haha 

Our Book of Mormon study group has also continued to grow! We have just finished 1 Nephi. Yay! And our ward mission leader got his mission call to England! Elder Hall and I and a bunch of other missionaries were able to be there for him to open his call! 

We had 4 investigators come to sacrament meeting yesterday so that was super awesome! Most of our investigators are friends of members so I can stand as a witness that member missionary work..... works! It is the way things should go! 

We had a investigator drop his baptismal date so that was sad, but we are still working with him to help build his testimony. Also, I'm going to be teaching Institute tomorrow so I'm super nervous for that! It is going to be so cool! :)

I love you all lots and hope everything is going well!


Elder Barker

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