Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Staying in the Singles Ward!

It has been really hot here lately. It was in the 80's all week and that is crazy! It is January! It has also been really really windy too. The Santa Ana winds go through here every winter I guess. 

Things with K were interesting. It was a very short meeting, but we just told him if he really wants to know if this is true he needs to read the Book of Mormon himself and ask in prayer. We are trying to get him to go to institute tonight, so that will be good for him. 

Things with D have been going well. He actually went to the temple on Wednesday and we were able to take him inside into the waiting room. We are going to ask him about how he felt about it when we meet with him next. Hopefully it will go good. I feel like it might take awhile for him to realize that what he has been feeling is the spirit, but he will get there.

We had a special stake conference this past Sunday. The adult session was super different seeing as they invited all the youth ages 12-18 to come to it as well! Apparently that is what the First Presidency wants the stakes to do now for stake conference.

Then for the general session there was a special broadcast from Salt Lake City for all of the stakes in this temple district, I believe. Elder Anderson and President Eyring spoke about doing member missionary work. I don't believe I have ever seen President Eyring get as emotional as he did in that talk! I thought he was going to burst into tears! It made me(almost cough cough)cry. It was super good!

We still have our one investigator working to be baptized so we will be working with him this week to get that more solid. Things are going super well. Transfers are this week, and me and Elder Hall are staying in the Singles Ward for another transfer. I'm glad, I like it here! :D

Have a great week!


Elder Barker

P-day, Elder Hall and Elder Barker

Big doggie!

Elder Barker and Elder Hall

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