Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Testimonies Change Lives, So Never Stop Sharing.

I sure hope that you haven't been freaking out about me not emailing you on Monday! Haha Our P-day got switched this week and we had no time to tell you! The reason P-day was today is because....... we went to the temple today!!!!! :D It was the spiritual boost that I needed. 

The past week has been good. Elder Hall has been sick again, so we were not able to go to church on Sunday. I never thought I'd miss church on my mission!  Haha But he has been a trooper and coming out and working even though he is sick. 

We got your package yesterday and Elder Hall says that you are awesome! :D Thank you!!

We have been having some luck gaining new investigators. We have been trying to meet with this guy named E, but it has been somewhat difficult. He is never home! We will work hard to catch him though. He seems super interested in the church so we have our fingers crossed. 

D has been doing about the same. He seems to have no faith what so ever :( so we are trying to build his faith so that he will receive answers to his prayers. Without faith, God can do nothing. 

So with Elder Hall all sick and stuff, I've been able to do a lot of studying. And in doing so I've gained a lot of revelation. So I guess my message to the world this week will be about what I learned! ;) What I learned is that the single most important thing in this whole world is your testimony of the gospel. What I learned is that a true testimony is your personal witness of the Savior Jesus Christ, when you testify you should always testify of Christ. Your testimony is the most powerful tool in fighting against the power of Satan.

I was reading a quote from Brigham Young that said “When I saw a man without eloquence, or talents for public speaking, who could only say, ‘I know, by the power of the Holy Ghost, that the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of the Lord,’ the Holy Ghost proceeding from that individual illuminated my understanding, and light, glory, and immortality were before me.” 

There is truth in the phrase "Testimonies change lives, so never stop sharing." My advice is to work to strengthen your testimony so that you can work miracles when you share them.

I love you all lots, have a Happy Valentines Day!


Elder Barker

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