Monday, February 3, 2014

The Good With The Bad

This week was good, we had some bad news when one of our investigators dropped us :( It really broke my heart to hear that. But you can't have good times with out the bad times I guess!

Another one of our investigators is doing super well! He comes to institute every week!  He is friends with a recently returned missionary who brings him to all of the activities and things. He also comes to the temple every Wednesday and just sits outside, sometimes by himself! He will be baptized, we just need to be careful because his family situation isn't the best. His mom (who is a member by the way) is super against the church for what seems to be no reason. We don't want to mess up his family so we are going to try and see what we can do to help with that.

So like I said last week, I taught institute on Tuesday! I was super nervous to do that! It was a class of like 30 people or so. I taught about Samuel (haha ironic huh! :P) the boy prophet from the Old Testament. It was cool because I was able to sneak the restoration lesson into it all cool like! I had a lot of fun but teaching a hour long class can be hard! But it was good.

My friend Kaylie got baptized, It is super awesome! :D I'm so happy for her, she emailed me some pictures from her baptism.

Saturday Elder Hall and I had to stay inside because this time he got sick. He had some sort of stomach virus that made him throw up for ever! He had what ever the other Elder had so I guess I got lucky and it skipped me! But I was sick with the cold last week so I guess we just switched.

It was Elder Halls Birthday on Friday so luckily he wasn't sick for that. He got lots of goodies from home. Oh and yes we moved apartments. :( I am sad that we had to, but it is a four man apartment and it is just us so I guess it is okay. I have my own bathroom so that is cool! But we live above our manager and she is crazy. She made us take down our picture of the Savior from our window. :( So we put it on our back door instead! :P I love you and miss you all lots! Have an awesome week!


Elder Barker

Cornish Game Hen Dinner (Yum!)


Elder Hall's Birthday Package

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