Monday, March 31, 2014

Faith, Miracles and Earthquakes

Dear Family and Friends,

I got a letter from Kameron this week and he talked about how he wants to leave for his mission this summer! It will be awesome! And Ryan and Jeremy have their papers in, so cool!  

So life in California has been going good! We got one of our investigators on date for baptism! His name is C. He is 16 and he has cancer. :( He has been going through cancer treatment and he just has the most awesome attitude about it, you know your typical teenage boy attitude! :) He wants really badly to be baptized so we have him on date for the 19th of April! It will be awesome.

J. is doing well, he had a relapse on his smoking, but it happens. He has gone longer than he ever has before, and now he is trying again! He has so much faith! We hope he will be ready for his baptism on April 12th. 

We are continuing to see so many miracles in this ward! The work is really picking up! We are contacting more on the street (which scares the crap out of me sometimes!) and I'm getting better at it! It is amazing what bearing your testimony to someone who wants to bash with you will do. They can't fight against that and it helps them feel the spirit and humbles them. 

We just picked up like 6 investigators this week! so we are so excited to see how it turns out with them! I love you lots Momma! I hope you all have a good week! :D


Elder Barker

P.S. Oh ya, we felt that last earthquake! It was super cool! I've felt a few here now! It wasn't really big where we were so it was a lot of fun! It lasted for like 5 seconds! :D

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Baptism Date!!

So this week was totally just full of miracles!!!! It has been a good one! :) We started off the week by getting the impression to go see one of our investigators. His name Is J. and he now has a baptism date set for April 12th!! So J. was a heavy smoker and we have been trying to get him to quit. So when we arrived at his house we felt like we should ask about giving him a blessing. So we did, we gave the blessing in his bathroom, it was the most interesting place to give a blessing that I've ever experienced! 

In the blessing he was told something along the lines that if he would read from the Book of Mormon and pray everyday he would have no desire to smoke! So we left feeling pretty good. 

Then we came back a few days later and we had helped him move and he was pretty tired. He told us he felt like he needed a cigarette. So we read with him from the Book of Mormon and we just read one verse. And after we did that we asked him how he felt and he said he was no longer light headed and he had no desire to smoke! We watched Gods promise be fulfilled right before our eyes! 

We had a lot of things like this happen to us this week, where God would answer our prayers in very specific ways! I have such a super strong testimony that God answers prayers! It has been soooo cool! We've been prompted to go to different places only to find someone who was prepared to meet us there. It has been awesome!
Me and Elder Loertscher - District Meeting
Oh ya, I did get your package and it was awesome! Elder Loertscher and I had a lot of fun with those mustaches! It was fun, thank you so much!! 

Me Lucky Socks
Such serious leprechaun Elders. :)
I also got the package with the super Mario calendar from Corbyn! I LOVE it!!! I need to write him about it!

I hope that Alyssa has a super Happy Birthday this week too!  :)

I love you all!!! I hope you have a good Week! 


Elder Barker
Gotta love my watch tan line. :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Visit From An Apostle...The Cliff Notes Version

Life here in the 2nd ward has been eventful. We are in the thick of San B. There are some interesting people here in San Bernardino! This ward has been picking up lately, so that is good. We have two investigators on date for baptism, we are excited about that.

I love doing service. I have really learned to love doing things like yard work and stuff like that. I bet you are wondering why couldn't I have learned to love it back home! haha! But, hey when I get home you won't have to prod me to help you with the yard anymore! Well, maybe...:P haha My bike is doing well, I've been able to fix it up mostly! haha So things are going well.

I'm super happy to hear that Corbyn came over!! When you see him next, tell him I say "Hi!" I will be sending him a letter too!! Also, it will be cool to hear from BreAnn! :) 

So, our visit from Elder Neil L. Andersen was soooo cool! I really love being able to see the apostles in a non-conference setting because then you can see them as people! Elder Andersen is a super funny person! It was really cool to be able to look into his eyes and to shake his hand! That experience alone has strengthened my testimony of living prophets and apostles! 

I learned so much from that experience that it would take me forever to write it all down, but don't worry I have the cliff notes version! Elder Andersen talked a lot about how that gospel is meant for the individual not the group. God doesn't look down on people and see a group, he sees individuals that he knows personally, each and every one. Our role in life and in God's plan is so personal and so unique for each of us. 

He also talked a lot about the atonement and the importance of that in our lives. He gave many references to sermons in the Book of Mormon on the atonement that are just so incredible! It really helped me to understand the atonement a lot better and since we met with Elder Andersen the inspiration just keeps on coming! It seems that we had an abundance of those gifts of the spirit that Paul and Moroni talk about! It was really cool! 

Anyway I hope that all is going well back home and things are good. I love you! Have a good week!


Elder Barker
Sister Wall and the squid that fell on her while
 we performed service at a member's house.
A hot day in San B.

Monday, March 10, 2014

#Biking Woes #OUCH!

Dear Family and Friends,

I know how you feel about daylight savings. It truly sucked the life out of me! It is awesome that you saw Kierstin the other day! Tell her that I say "Hi!" :) 

So with the bike stuff. I had to spend a lot of money on my bike this week. I got my bike back and whoever rode it last really messed it up. I had to get a new kickstand and I still need to get new tires. I also had to get a new back light thing so I might need more money to get my bike in good order and stuff. 

Plus I had to tap into my funds for food to help with my bike so I'm a little short there as well :( But at least it is running... kinda... I was riding it the other day and my back tire came off and I ended up smacking into a parked car, don't worry the car was okay. Now everyone calls me Elder Parked Car! 
I bruised up my food pretty badly but other than that I'm okay. It could of been worse! 

So we have spent this week introducing me to all the people in the ward, and I've spent a little bit of time keeping my foot up so it could heal. But we still were able to do a lot of teaching and we have two investigators on date for baptism! It is good. 

The area is pretty crazy. We are in the heart of San Bernardino and we see a lot of crazy people! :-) It is kinda awesome! We have had some crazy experiences already as we have biked around.

Oh ya, my companion's name is Elder Loertscher and he is from Colorado. He is a lot like me so you can expect that we have a lot of fun and get along well, we both want to work hard which is really nice. I did finally get Alyssa's package and I loved it! It was great! :)

I love you all, have a great week!


Elder Barker
Me and Theo.
Sydnee, J and Elder Barker
The Northpark Missionaries
Elder Hall, Elder Barker, Sister Marsh & Sister Folsom

Monday, March 3, 2014

Much Needed Rain.Cute Puppy.Transfers.Back to Biking.

So the weather here has been super rainy! It rained for like 2 days straight, it was a down pour! It was good though because California has been in a terrible drought, so we've really needed it! Our ward mission leader found this puppy in the rain, he was so cute, I wished I could have kept him! :)

Elder Vaka & Elder Barker on P-day
This week has been a really good one, however I'm being transferred to the San Bernardino 2nd ward. But hey, I already know my companion because he was in my zone before. He is cool and I think we will get along. I can't spell his name yet, so I'll work on that...haha 

My new area used to be part of my old area so I'll already know some of my way around. And I'm going to be back on a bike again, yay! It is good that I was able to get my bike from Redlands finally! Some other Elder was using it because he got his bike stolen... I didn't like that so much.

So I'm really going to miss the singles ward! I've spent the last 3 transfers here! :( But hey, now I will get to have adventures on bike in the heart of San Bernardino! This is going to be fun! 

So this week even with all the rain we were able to get another investigator on date for baptism. His name is Chris and he was handed off to us from the Spanish Elders. We also worked with a ton of less actives, and we got a few to come back to church... somewhat... haha.

Anyway I hope everything is going well back home! 


Elder Barker