Monday, March 24, 2014

A Baptism Date!!

So this week was totally just full of miracles!!!! It has been a good one! :) We started off the week by getting the impression to go see one of our investigators. His name Is J. and he now has a baptism date set for April 12th!! So J. was a heavy smoker and we have been trying to get him to quit. So when we arrived at his house we felt like we should ask about giving him a blessing. So we did, we gave the blessing in his bathroom, it was the most interesting place to give a blessing that I've ever experienced! 

In the blessing he was told something along the lines that if he would read from the Book of Mormon and pray everyday he would have no desire to smoke! So we left feeling pretty good. 

Then we came back a few days later and we had helped him move and he was pretty tired. He told us he felt like he needed a cigarette. So we read with him from the Book of Mormon and we just read one verse. And after we did that we asked him how he felt and he said he was no longer light headed and he had no desire to smoke! We watched Gods promise be fulfilled right before our eyes! 

We had a lot of things like this happen to us this week, where God would answer our prayers in very specific ways! I have such a super strong testimony that God answers prayers! It has been soooo cool! We've been prompted to go to different places only to find someone who was prepared to meet us there. It has been awesome!
Me and Elder Loertscher - District Meeting
Oh ya, I did get your package and it was awesome! Elder Loertscher and I had a lot of fun with those mustaches! It was fun, thank you so much!! 

Me Lucky Socks
Such serious leprechaun Elders. :)
I also got the package with the super Mario calendar from Corbyn! I LOVE it!!! I need to write him about it!

I hope that Alyssa has a super Happy Birthday this week too!  :)

I love you all!!! I hope you have a good Week! 


Elder Barker
Gotta love my watch tan line. :)

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