Monday, March 17, 2014

A Visit From An Apostle...The Cliff Notes Version

Life here in the 2nd ward has been eventful. We are in the thick of San B. There are some interesting people here in San Bernardino! This ward has been picking up lately, so that is good. We have two investigators on date for baptism, we are excited about that.

I love doing service. I have really learned to love doing things like yard work and stuff like that. I bet you are wondering why couldn't I have learned to love it back home! haha! But, hey when I get home you won't have to prod me to help you with the yard anymore! Well, maybe...:P haha My bike is doing well, I've been able to fix it up mostly! haha So things are going well.

I'm super happy to hear that Corbyn came over!! When you see him next, tell him I say "Hi!" I will be sending him a letter too!! Also, it will be cool to hear from BreAnn! :) 

So, our visit from Elder Neil L. Andersen was soooo cool! I really love being able to see the apostles in a non-conference setting because then you can see them as people! Elder Andersen is a super funny person! It was really cool to be able to look into his eyes and to shake his hand! That experience alone has strengthened my testimony of living prophets and apostles! 

I learned so much from that experience that it would take me forever to write it all down, but don't worry I have the cliff notes version! Elder Andersen talked a lot about how that gospel is meant for the individual not the group. God doesn't look down on people and see a group, he sees individuals that he knows personally, each and every one. Our role in life and in God's plan is so personal and so unique for each of us. 

He also talked a lot about the atonement and the importance of that in our lives. He gave many references to sermons in the Book of Mormon on the atonement that are just so incredible! It really helped me to understand the atonement a lot better and since we met with Elder Andersen the inspiration just keeps on coming! It seems that we had an abundance of those gifts of the spirit that Paul and Moroni talk about! It was really cool! 

Anyway I hope that all is going well back home and things are good. I love you! Have a good week!


Elder Barker
Sister Wall and the squid that fell on her while
 we performed service at a member's house.
A hot day in San B.

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