Monday, March 3, 2014

Much Needed Rain.Cute Puppy.Transfers.Back to Biking.

So the weather here has been super rainy! It rained for like 2 days straight, it was a down pour! It was good though because California has been in a terrible drought, so we've really needed it! Our ward mission leader found this puppy in the rain, he was so cute, I wished I could have kept him! :)

Elder Vaka & Elder Barker on P-day
This week has been a really good one, however I'm being transferred to the San Bernardino 2nd ward. But hey, I already know my companion because he was in my zone before. He is cool and I think we will get along. I can't spell his name yet, so I'll work on that...haha 

My new area used to be part of my old area so I'll already know some of my way around. And I'm going to be back on a bike again, yay! It is good that I was able to get my bike from Redlands finally! Some other Elder was using it because he got his bike stolen... I didn't like that so much.

So I'm really going to miss the singles ward! I've spent the last 3 transfers here! :( But hey, now I will get to have adventures on bike in the heart of San Bernardino! This is going to be fun! 

So this week even with all the rain we were able to get another investigator on date for baptism. His name is Chris and he was handed off to us from the Spanish Elders. We also worked with a ton of less actives, and we got a few to come back to church... somewhat... haha.

Anyway I hope everything is going well back home! 


Elder Barker

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