Monday, May 5, 2014

Missionary Goodies??

That is so exciting for Kameron! That is the most interesting way to open a mission call that I've ever heard! haha I can't wait to get his letter. So this week was full of missionary goodies... let me explain. So the money you transferred, I had to use to buy new shoe laces for my shoe. Because it got caught in my bike and it snapped! And while I was at Payless, I bought some shoe inserts because my shoes are so worn down from walking! 

That didn't leave me a lot to by a pump, not to mention the flat tire I had to fix (but I'll talk a little more about that later) So I bought a cheap little plastic one and it already broke on me!! I'm going to try and return it. I could use a little more money. :) Thank you for all that you do for me, it is great!

Okay, so here is what my week was like! On Monday we talked to a guy who belongs to a church that has an Apostle at it's head. That was very interesting, because it was almost like talking to a member of the church, only... very antagonistic!  All he wanted to do was Bible bash with us and was so set on doing that that he would not take the Book of Mormon. 

It always amazes me how people react when we pull out the Book of Mormon. Some people are so afraid of the Book of Mormon that they won't even take the book let alone read it and pray about it. It seems to me that the Book of Mormon is the key. There is a reason why we call it the keystone of our religion! If they would just read it they would be able to feel the power that comes from its words. 

Anyway that was Monday! The rest of the week we spent visiting members and less actives, so we got a lot of lessons with them so that was good. We also did service at Sister Stratton's home. That is where I take most of my pictures by the way :P haha But we spent a lot of time fixing flat tires! We just had a wave of flats this week! But luckily we found a very nice bike shop that sells some nice tubes! 

Something else that is very exciting is that J. is getting baptized on Saturday!! We got everything finalized and his interview went well, so it is a go! That will be exciting!

I love you all lots, have a good week!  I can't wait to talk with you guys on Sunday for Mother's Day!! 

See you on Sunday!


Elder Barker

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