Monday, May 19, 2014

"Super" Gifts!

Hey, I got a cool new shirt from a member the other day! It was so nice of them and you'll see that I love it! :D 

So this week was a good week! We are continuing to apply the planning activities that we learned at MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) and that has been going well! We also learned how to teach like angels!! It is so cool! haha I'll let you know more about that next week. haha :P

It has been super hot all week so not many people have been out and about. But for some reason it really doesn't feel THAT hot when we are out biking around. Maybe the sun has been getting to me, I don't know haha :P 

It has been really cool to talk with people on the street. We are constantly getting impressions to go to different places and lo and behold a thought pops into our heads that is the exact thing that that person needed to hear! I can testify that the spirit really works and those promises in the scriptures about His help in missionary work really do come true! 

We were able to pick up one new investigator this week so that was good. He is friends with a few of our other investigators. Things are looking up in this ward, it will be interesting to see what happens next transfer which is coming up in a week! 

Love you and miss you all! 

Elder Barker

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