Monday, June 30, 2014

#Charity #PeopleCryWhenWeSing

It sounds like McKenna had a great time at girls camp, it's so cool how they were missionaries! Really cool! So this week was really good. We were able to confirm Malik, so that was great!

I've been praying really hard to have an over all sense of charity for others and lo and behold what happens... I feel great love for others! That has increased my desire to do missionary work so much! We have spent a lot of time walking and talking to people on the streets. We hand out a lot of pass along cards as well!

Miguel and Karina are doing good. We just need to have them get married before they are baptized and I'm sure that will happen without a problem. 

We also have been focusing on service a lot as well. We went out on Saturday and cut down a lot of bamboo that was growing in this guys back yard! It was awesome!! It was like being in a bamboo forest! I loved it!

Oh, Elder Loertscher and I sang in sacrament meeting yesterday, I sang a solo! :D People were crying! :D

Well I hope that you have a good week!! I love you all!!


Elder Barker

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