Monday, June 9, 2014

#MoreBikingWoes #Family #BedBugs

So business first... :P I had to spend some of my missionary money on bike tires because my other ones kinda died and I almost died (exaggeration) and it was scary! So I'm going to need some $ in my account so I can put that back into the mission (use for groceries and stuff like that) :) (Innocent face) I'm doing really good at budgeting my money and not impulsive spending, you would be proud of me! :)

I went on exchanges with Elder Frost and my bike seat we tried to missionary it together.:P (translation...It means to try and drill a bigger hole in the seat with a screw driver. Which didn't work too well so I ended up getting a new seat anyway.) We had a lot of fun and taught a lot of good lessons!    

Elder Barker & Elder Frost on Exchanges with matching ties.:) 
Picture courtesy Elder Langi's Mom via Elder Barker's Aunt.:D
Well first off, My Zone Leader's name is Elder Langi, not Elder Fisher. :P And yes, this week he asked me if I knew a Tim and Lisa Barker and I freaked out a little! Aparently Elder Langi sent that picture home and Aunt Lisa saw it and said "Hey I know that guy!" haha Then Elder Langi's mom told him about it and he couldn't wait to talk to me about it! We then had a great talk on how awesome Uncle Tim is and how he is the ultimate man or something like that. :-) Elder Langi says that he wants to come to one of our family reunions to meet the rest of the family! haha And then he told me that Uncle Tim moved... thanks for telling me MOM!!!!! :P haha I love you! :D 

So we have a Samuel Barker on your side of the family? Maybe I'm supposed to go back in time and become my great great great grandpa or something! Haha That is kinda weird! (Momma's note...The other Samuel Barker in my family was born in 1762 and had 12 kids... :D)

Anyway this week was a tough one, we had bed bugs so we had to move all of our stuff outside and and let them sit in the hot sun to kill them. We got new beds and we are now sleeping in the kitchen! It is kinda weird, it's a little bit like a sleep over but it should be taken care of soon!

It was a really hot week too and not many people accepted us, but weeks like this happen and we just have to pick ourselves up and keep going!

Cesar is not going to be baptized on Saturday because his Mom changed her mind and won't give him permission, but we are trying to keep his hopes up and keep going with him. He will be baptized eventually. Malik is still getting baptized on Saturday and he wants me to do it! So I'm excited! 

Give everyone my love and have a good week!

Elder Barker

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