Monday, June 23, 2014

Testimony Of Missionary Work

Elder Barker was asked to share his testimony with the Young Women of our home ward for a special girls camp this week that will center on missionary work. 

"Dear Clinton 20th Ward Young Women,

     When I was asked to say a few words about missionary work I thought to myself "This will be easy!" But, then I realized wait, this is missionary work we are talking about and that is never easy! 
     I wanted you all to know that I love being a missionary! I'm a witness to God's miracles every day! But missionary work is hard work. There is a lot that is expected of us but the cool thing is that we have the Holy Ghost with us as our third companion and I'm so grateful for that. Nothing in this work could get done without Him. 
     The Holy Ghost strengthens us. Personally it is hard for me to talk to people on the street or at their door but the Holy Ghost is able to touch their hearts.
     As missionaries, we stand out! Not everyone is nice to us and sometimes we are called upon to defend our beliefs in the face of hostility. What is important is to have a strong testimony.The best way to do that is to read from the Book of Mormon daily. I've grown to love that book so much. There is so much power in it's pages that even to walk around with it in our hands brings us strength. 
     I can promise you as you study that you will come to love the Book of Mormon and your testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith will grow. You will have a greater understanding of the scriptures and love for the gospel. Blessings will flow down upon you as you read it. 
     I leave you with my testimony that I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he restored the gospel of Jesus Christ so that all of our lives can be blessed. 
     I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is the strongest witness of the Savior that we have. It took the hopes and faith of many to bring that book to us and if we use it we will never fall. I leave this testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Barker" 

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