Monday, July 21, 2014

Faith, Blessings and Pioneers

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO YOUUUU!!!! HAAPPPYYY BIIRTHDAYY TOOOO YOUUUU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY DEAR DADDDDDYYYYY!!! HAAAPPPYYYY BIIIRTTHDAAAY TOOOO YOUUUU!!!! I hope that you have a great birthday Daddy. My present to you will have to be very late and hopefully it will be good! I realized the other day we missionaries are really poor people! :)

It looks like McKenna had a good time on trek! That's so fun! With it being pioneer week this week and all I think we should be able to dress up like pioneers and "old style" preach it for a day! But I have a feeling that won't happen! :D

This week was good. It is funny that you should mention faith because that has been something that I have been studying a lot lately and trying to apply more in my missionary efforts. As I've been exercising my faith, I've just seen the blessings of the Lord pour out upon us! Such as one of our newest investigators getting a free car just  as we started teaching her and inviting her to church! And we were finally able to meet with Joanna and her family (a Potential, now new investigator) and teach her about the restoration. 

Also, we put Miguel and Karina on date for baptism again for August and also their daughter Celeste. They are excited to be baptized but just need to be married. We are bringing them to the temple so hopefully that will jump start them on that marriage!  

We have a ton of investigators on date for baptism and it is super awesome! We just need to get them to church and we will be golden! We really have been seeing the blessings of the Lord pour out upon us in our work. Life in San B. is just as exciting as always! 

I love you lots and hope you have a great week! Have a great birthday Dad!!!!


Elder Barker

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