Monday, July 28, 2014

The Spirit Can Soften Hearts

Life in San B. has been really good! What is my favorite part of San B.? Well I don't know if I have just one. San Bernardino is a very unique place. It has a lot of things that I will always remember. Some things we see on a regular basis are Ice cream trucks, kiddie pools in every front yard and we hear a lot of gangsta mariachi music. But there are lots and lots of other interesting things I'll never find anywhere else! It is a lot of fun serving here and I love the people here more and more!

A lot of this week was about cleansing the inner vessel and trying to apply myself even greater to the work. Most of that is trying to make sure that I'm able to have the spirit with me when I teach because that is most important! I feel that Elder Loertscher and I were able to do that really well this week! We had some very spiritual lessons this week!

I think that my favorite part of this week is when we brought our investigator Karina and her Dad to the Redlands Temple, that was an amazing experience! We were able to bring them into the waiting room for a bit and let them just feel the spirit. Karina's Dad started talking about how he had this weird feeling in his chest and how at peace he felt. We took him outside and taught him about the restoration and he accepted the invitation to be baptized and he badly wanted a Book of Mormon. It was so cool! That strengthened my testimony that the spirit can soften hearts. 

We also had a experience where a guy came out of his house and tried to argue with us about the Bible. It was really cool because we were able to take Elder Hollands advice and defend our beliefs with courtesy, It really softened his heart. He told us that we weren't like some other Mormons he had met and that we were brothers in Christ. He invited us back to teach him! This has been a great week! Love you all!     


Elder Barker

P.S. We went to Crestline today for a hike! There was this cool little heart shaped pool!

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