Monday, August 18, 2014

The Work Is Hard But Good

Although it is super awesome that you were in the same city as me last week, thank you for not visiting me. It probably would have been hard for me, though I LOVE my MOMMA!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D I think that the Lord kept us from seeing each other so I could keep singleness of mind!! We pass by that McDonald's regularly (it is in my area and happens to be just down the street from Cesars house!) It is so exciting that you were able to see the Redlands Temple! It is a pretty one isn't it?! Hehe I hope you enjoyed your little jaunt around my area. :P.

This week was a good one, it was hard but it was good. We spent a lot of time tracking down potential investigators in the hot sun! Contacting on the street wasn't very effective. Sometimes we have days where it looks like a good day with lots of appointments, then they all fall through. That happened quite a bit this week.

We did pick up a new investigator named Robert! He has soooo much faith it is crazy! He just accepts everything that we say just right off the bat, and he is so willing to learn. It is always so awesome to see those kinds of people. Miguel and Karina are going to be married in November when their son turns 8 so they can all be baptized as a family! They are super awesome! 

We have no word on transfers which is this week, so I might need to tell you next week what happens.I also realized that we are supposed to get iPads soon and they are supposed to be a pretty hefty price, so don't worry about the scriptures. I'll be putting them on the iPad! Haha 

Well anyway, I love you all! I hope you have a good week. I hope you enjoyed your stay in California! 


Elder Barker

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