Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet The Mormons

It is good to hear that you all had a good week! I got a email from Dad telling me how much he loved tearing out stuff in the bathroom. :P Haha 

I can't believe that tomorrow I will turn 20 years old! That is so crazy! I'm way to child-like for that! :P haha
I'm excited for my stash which I may or may not have peeked at... :D hehehehehehe I got birthday wishes from Alyssa and Skylar, and from Kameron as well. It was awesome to hear from them! 

Me and Elder Langi from a recent Zone Conference.
My pants split...but I got them sewn up. :)
Life is good in the Tongan ward. A couple of things have happened this week, one is transfers are here and Elder Allen is being transferred to Rialto and I'm staying here. I don't know anything other than that though. The other really cool thing that happened is that all of the missionaries in the mission were able to watch a special showing of "Meet the Mormons", that new movie that is coming out in theaters!! It is sooooo good!! You all definitely should go see it! (Check out the trailer HERE.)

Also Sita and her son were able to get out of the hospital, so we were happy about that as well. Hopefully we will be able to meet with her soon. The Taukeiaho boys are doing good and are excited for their baptism so that is awesome too!

I'm super excited for Conference this weekend!!! I love Conference! I've learned that there is so much guidance you can receive from God as his servants speak to us! Always always always my questions about things that I need in my life are answered in General Conference! It is always a really cool experience! 

Well anyway I'm excited for tomorrow, I'll try and get lots of pictures for you! :D You need to show Uncle Tim the picture of me and Elder Langi. Love you all lots!!


Elder Barker

Monday, September 22, 2014

#AwesomePeopleSkills #TheSpirit

Just a little update on the bed bugs situation...We have been taking lots of precautions and my clothes have been taking lots of trips through the washer and dryer! The exterminator came to do a check of the apartment to see if it was actually bed bugs. He asked us "how do you know it is bed bugs?" So we showed him the picture and a few we had caught and he was like, "Yup, those are bed bugs!" At the moment they are drowning in a near empty bottle of rubbing alcohol :P We are so mean to those bugs! :P haha 

Anyway, I can't wait for my birthday package!! YAY! It is really weird I will be twenty! AAAAHHH!!!!

Things are going really well. We put 3 investigators on date for baptism this week! They are three teenage brothers and their parents are less active members who are starting to come back to church. The boys wanted to know for themselves about God and so their Dad asked them if they wanted to take the missionary lessons and they said yes! Now they are on date for October! It is awesome! 

At first our relationship with them was a little stiff. They were kinda shuffled in single file into the Bishops office where we were waiting for them, It was rather strange. But you can thank Elder Allen and my awesome "people skills" that made them feel comfortable, or maybe it was just the spirit! :) By the end we were all laughing and feeling the spirit. It was awesome! We haven't been able to meet with Sita yet, but her baby should be out this week so we should be able to meet with her soon.

We are still working on learning Tongan, I am understanding it better all of the time so that is good. 

Well I hope you have a great week! I love you all very much! 


Elder Barker

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bed Bugs Are Gross!!

So this week was very eventful!! Mostly in the crazy and weird category. So first of all we were not able to meet with Sita this week because her son had to go to the hospital. :( So we went to go give him a blessing. (Hey my second blessing at a hospital!) But when we got there they couldn't get the baby to settle down so we were not able to give him the blessing. 

Other than that we taught mostly active and less active members all week. Which was really cool because one of the people we have been working with came back to church for the first time in like forever! His name is Siasi. He has been helping us with our Tongan language. We go over there and try and teach the lessons in Tongan and he helps us with our pronunciation and stuff like that. So we have been hitting two birds with one stone! Learning Tongan and reactivating a less active! 

So dinners huh? Well, we had Chinese buffet, normal buffet, pig, meat and rice,tacos and meatballs... lots of stuff like that. I guess the funniest thing that happened wasn't even at a dinner appointment. We just went over to teach a member family a lesson and afterward the mom went and gave us a plate of rice and hot dogs and told us to eat. There isn't much debating with Tongans, when they say eat you eat! So we did. 

Then she brought out fish, then more rice, then some fruit, then a giant sausage, then more hot dogs. So by that time we got up and said, "Oh look at the time...we have another appointment." and we took her hot dogs to go. You can't escape a Tongan home without a ridiculous amount of food given to take with you. These people are so awesome!! haha

We have another bed bug problem!!! GAHHH!!! I hate those things! They are just like little vampires that never go away!!! I found a whole nest of them under my bed! It was really gross. I got pictures for you to enjoy!!!! :P hahahaha 

But ya so I crushed those guys with a hot iron and blasted them with steam several dozen times. Ya... we have an exterminator coming so that will be nice. 

Well, that's it for this week, have a great week! Love you all, take care!

Elder Barker

*** Momma's note: The mission office is aware of the problem and are taking steps to take care of it, which is very much appreciated! :) ***

Monday, September 8, 2014


Elder Allen & Elder Barker
I can't believe that I've been out for ONE YEAR!  I didn't talk about hump week last week because it hadn't actually happened yet! See my logic?! :D

But this week was a really good one. Our lesson with our investigator went really well. It was nice being able to sit and have a lesson with an investigator again. It had been a while! Her name is Sita and we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. She even accepted the invitation to be baptized as well! It was really cool!

This ward is really good at helping us in our missionary efforts with teaching. The Bishop wants to be actively involved in the teaching process. He also found us 3 new investigators this week. They are a part member family; the sons of some less active members that are coming back to church. 

The Tongan is going well too, slowly but surely! I learned a really cool word...Ongoongolelei. It means gospel.  It is a different experience serving in this ward, but I feel that I'm adjusting well.

Hump Day was good as well. We didn't do anything special really other than yell HUMP DAYYYY!!!! All day long... :) And yes I did enjoy my package you cruel cruel people!!!!! (the half candy thing!:P) Thank you so much for the shirt, socks, pillow case and the tie bar was super awesome!! I love you guys a lot! 

So I have no idea what to tell you to get me for my birthday! Letters from all my family and my friends would be awesome!! I would like that! And you know candy and other things that are my favorite! So YAY!!!! Can't believe it's coming up so soon!

Anyway I love you all!! Have a great week!! 


Elder Barker

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Malo e lelei

Hope that everyone had a nice Labor Day, it was a pretty normal day for us. We did have a ward BBQ and had our faces stuffed with ridiculous amounts of food. It was great! :-)

So ends my second week in the Tongan Ward! It has been really awesome, it is a lot of fun here. Most of the work that we do is less active work because...well we don't exactly see tons of Tongan people walking around on the streets. But things are starting to pick up so that is good. We have a appointment with a investigator today and that should go good. 

Sacrament meeting is the greatest thing ever here! There is just something about hearing the hymns sung in Tongan that is just beautiful. They can sing really well! We get fed tons here! We will go over to someones home to try to teach them a lesson and they will send us on our way with tons of food! So I'm always stuffed if you can believe that. 

I did not know that Aunt Lisa was born in Tonga! That is so cool! And weird that I'm serving in a Tongan ward too! I don't know too much in Tongan yet, but it is coming along. The spirit is helping me in many ways, with the language and with my responsibilities as district leader. I feel very blessed. 

Anyway,  I love  you all lots and I hope you have a good week! Take care!


Elder Barker