Monday, September 22, 2014

#AwesomePeopleSkills #TheSpirit

Just a little update on the bed bugs situation...We have been taking lots of precautions and my clothes have been taking lots of trips through the washer and dryer! The exterminator came to do a check of the apartment to see if it was actually bed bugs. He asked us "how do you know it is bed bugs?" So we showed him the picture and a few we had caught and he was like, "Yup, those are bed bugs!" At the moment they are drowning in a near empty bottle of rubbing alcohol :P We are so mean to those bugs! :P haha 

Anyway, I can't wait for my birthday package!! YAY! It is really weird I will be twenty! AAAAHHH!!!!

Things are going really well. We put 3 investigators on date for baptism this week! They are three teenage brothers and their parents are less active members who are starting to come back to church. The boys wanted to know for themselves about God and so their Dad asked them if they wanted to take the missionary lessons and they said yes! Now they are on date for October! It is awesome! 

At first our relationship with them was a little stiff. They were kinda shuffled in single file into the Bishops office where we were waiting for them, It was rather strange. But you can thank Elder Allen and my awesome "people skills" that made them feel comfortable, or maybe it was just the spirit! :) By the end we were all laughing and feeling the spirit. It was awesome! We haven't been able to meet with Sita yet, but her baby should be out this week so we should be able to meet with her soon.

We are still working on learning Tongan, I am understanding it better all of the time so that is good. 

Well I hope you have a great week! I love you all very much! 


Elder Barker

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