Monday, September 15, 2014

Bed Bugs Are Gross!!

So this week was very eventful!! Mostly in the crazy and weird category. So first of all we were not able to meet with Sita this week because her son had to go to the hospital. :( So we went to go give him a blessing. (Hey my second blessing at a hospital!) But when we got there they couldn't get the baby to settle down so we were not able to give him the blessing. 

Other than that we taught mostly active and less active members all week. Which was really cool because one of the people we have been working with came back to church for the first time in like forever! His name is Siasi. He has been helping us with our Tongan language. We go over there and try and teach the lessons in Tongan and he helps us with our pronunciation and stuff like that. So we have been hitting two birds with one stone! Learning Tongan and reactivating a less active! 

So dinners huh? Well, we had Chinese buffet, normal buffet, pig, meat and rice,tacos and meatballs... lots of stuff like that. I guess the funniest thing that happened wasn't even at a dinner appointment. We just went over to teach a member family a lesson and afterward the mom went and gave us a plate of rice and hot dogs and told us to eat. There isn't much debating with Tongans, when they say eat you eat! So we did. 

Then she brought out fish, then more rice, then some fruit, then a giant sausage, then more hot dogs. So by that time we got up and said, "Oh look at the time...we have another appointment." and we took her hot dogs to go. You can't escape a Tongan home without a ridiculous amount of food given to take with you. These people are so awesome!! haha

We have another bed bug problem!!! GAHHH!!! I hate those things! They are just like little vampires that never go away!!! I found a whole nest of them under my bed! It was really gross. I got pictures for you to enjoy!!!! :P hahahaha 

But ya so I crushed those guys with a hot iron and blasted them with steam several dozen times. Ya... we have an exterminator coming so that will be nice. 

Well, that's it for this week, have a great week! Love you all, take care!

Elder Barker

*** Momma's note: The mission office is aware of the problem and are taking steps to take care of it, which is very much appreciated! :) ***

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