Monday, October 6, 2014

Birthday, New Comp & Conference

I love the little memes that you sent me!! Elder Holland's talks are always the best!! It is a weird thing to be twenty! I don't feel that old! GAHH!! I still feel like a little kid!! haha I loved the bacon by the way! haha I never expected that! :D 

All my candy and other stuff may or may not be gone... hehehe! So I did get pictures of the ding dong cake but they are not on my camera. They are on Elder Allen's camera so I'm going to need to track him down and get those for you. But I do have some of me opening the Bacon! :)

I got letters and stuff from Grandma and Grandpa Barker, a nice letter from Alyssa and a funny comic from Skylar. Aunt Deann, Uncle Rusty... pretty much the whole Petersen side of the family, that was great! What is with the rest of the Barkers!? haha The Searles, The Allens, lots of people. I haven't got Kierstin's package yet but I'm looking forward to it :D. 

So we spent the day working hard as missionaries. There is no other way I would rather spend my birthday! My district gathered together for district meeting and we had the ding dongs there so that was lots of fun! I also got a nice birthday call from the Van Cotts, that was super nice of them. They did a good job of filling in for the Barker family birthday song. haha So it was a good day. 

Now Elder Allen is pretty much a clone of me. It was a super fun transfer full of crazy shenanigans (and by that I mean doing missionary work) He likes Nintendo and comics and all that stuff. He is super funny too. Elder Griffes, my new companion is from North Carolina. He is about my height, with a little lighter hair than me and he doesn't wear glasses like my last two companions have. He is also very similar to me so things have been going really well. Taking over the ward has been an adventure but it isn't as difficult as I thought that it was going to be. 

Conference was super awesome!! There were a lot of really good talks! Elder Eyring's talk on Sunday was like a direct answer to questions I had! That was really cool! And Elder Holland's talks always are my favorite! I really do love General Conference! There is nothing better! The week has been good. 

Because of Conference we were not able to see the Taukeiaho boys this week. But from what we hear from the members they are doing really well. Sita is also doing good. We were able to teach her Dad a lesson in Tongan (her Dad is a recent convert) but we weren't able to meet with her. But we did have a great week of teaching in Tongan to the active and less active members so we are getting better at that.

Well I hope that you have a great week!! I love you all!!!


Elder Barker

P.S. don't forget to go see "Meet the Mormons" because it is super awesome!!! :D
Remember Elder Griffin from the MTC? He is in my zone. 

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