Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Preparing For A Baptism!

I got some more birthday packages this past week, I got a package from Aunt Kim! It was a lot of really cool old school candy, it was great!! Tell her thanks!! :D I also got a package from Kate, she got me a giant box of candy with a Superman shirt with a cape on it! And Kierstin sent me candy with Superman socks! haha So awesome! It is sad to hear that Patriarch Johnston passed away :( He was a really great man. 

As for the the changing companion thing, I am getting used to changes and now I get used to them pretty fast. But it has been nice to have many that I get a long with really well, it helps a lot with the transition. Elder Griffes and I are doing great together, he likes basketball and he played video games professionally. 

The week has been really good. The ward was able to finally call a new ward mission leader and it just so happens that he is a returning member. His sons are the three boys that we are teaching who will be baptized on the 25th of October! To see their family return to activity is so awesome! Plus he will be awesome as a ward mission leader. It will be great to see him baptize his sons! That will be the greatest! 

We have Elder Evans of the Seventy coming this week! He is the head of the missionary department for the church, so that will be exciting! That is going to be on Friday!

Hopefully you will be able to see Meet The Mormons soon! It is so good! It sold out at one of the movie theaters here in California! So that is really cool! 

Anyway things are going well, I hope things are good back home! I love you all! 


Elder Barker

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