Monday, November 10, 2014

Change Is The Word

So this week we have had a lot of changes. Jackie ended up dropping us because she broke up with the guy she was dating in the ward. We were super saddened about that. Also Misty had been having some troubles as well, but as we were teaching her the plan of the salvation I think that helped her to progress. 

It was a very difficult lesson to teach at first however as there were a lot of distractions. Little kids were running around and crying, a loud Spanish party next door was enjoying blasting its music louder and louder. However in the midst of all of this I felt that we needed some way to bring in the spirit. I mean we can't teach without the spirit, it just doesn't work. So the thought came to me to sing a hymn. So we stopped and sang "I am a Child of God".  It changed everything and may seem like a weird thing to do but the spirit it brought helped us teach our lesson. 

Not all of the week was disappointing though. Si'i came to church and we were happy about that! He has been doing really good. And we picked up two new investigators. They are 9 and 10 years old. It is a similar situation as the Taukeiaho's but they are younger boys.

Transfers are here again, and I'm staying in the Tongan ward. But Elder Griffes is leaving for another ward here in Fontana and my new companion is Elder Crossett. I knew him in San Bernardino so that is cool, he has only been out for 4 Transfers. We are going to be Zone Leaders together. So that will be a big change! 

It is so weird that McKenna is going to be 16! I've got a card for her in the mail that I thought was pretty funny when I saw it. :D But tell her she is not allowed to date until she is like 45 or something like that! Otherwise I'm going to use my best Tongan pose and scare the kid to death! :P haha 

Anyway, things are going well.  I love you all lots and I hope you have a great week!


Elder Barker

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