Monday, November 3, 2014

It Matters What You Believe In

It is so crazy how things change so fast. When I come home it is going to be so weird! But it will be good. Change always happens. I'm getting a lot better about handling that!

So this week was really good. We were able to pick up a new investigator on Saturday! Her name is Misty and she is the niece of one of the members of the ward. The lesson was super awesome! At first she was telling us how, "Oh I believe it doesn't matter what you believe in", and by the end she was just like "WHAT IS THIS?!?!" It was super crazy! 

Things with Jackie are still going well. She committed to live the word of wisdom and she is excited about that! So things are really good in this neck of the woods! Halloween we went in at 6:00 p.m. We only had ONE trick or treater come to our place. I was bummed! But oh well. 

We have also been working with a less active named Si'i. He was telling us how he doesn't want to come to church because he doesn't want to feel like a hypocrite coming. As we were talking with him I got the feeling to share a scripture in 3 Nephi. As we shared it, it totally changed his perspective on the whole thing. He felt the spirit really strongly. Now he is dying to come to church next week! :D It was a really cool experience. 

Have a great week!!

‘Oku ou ‘ofa ‘ia koe,

Elder Barker

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