Monday, December 8, 2014

He Is The Gift

This week has been very good. MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) was good as well. We learned a lot from President Van Cott that will help us and our Zone. We also gave a Zone meeting training on the things that we learned. 

We learned a lot about the He is the Gift initiative. We are getting a late start on it as a mission but it has been really great so far! With this big push about the Savior, it really has put the Christmas season into perspective for me. #ShareTheGift (<-watch the link)

It has also helped me with my understanding about my own calling. Much of what we were taught in MLC was about how what we teach brings peace, joy and happiness to a world that needs to feel relief from mistakes and freedom from guilt and shame. That is also what the season of Christmas is about.

New beginings, becoming more Christ-like and remembering the Savior. Things that should happen every week during the sacrament, that is why we go to church.  With this initiative we can help people come to know Christ in a world that is forgetting Him, and they are doing it fast. There are so many people we meet now who don't believe in Christ or if they do don't see him as the divine person He is. 

Even many of the Christian churches around are trying to push Christ out of their churches, if you can believe that. Hopefully this Christmas season we can do some good and share what we know about the Savior and also his restored gospel. That has been the big thing around here.

It must be fun to have Alyssa and Skylar at home. The pictures were too funny! It is going to be weird to have them in California! haha 

Well I hope all is going well! Have a great week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Barker

P.S. Here's a few pictures... :)
Me and Elder Griffes 12/8

Leftovers from Thanksgiving

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