Monday, January 26, 2015

Charity & Love

One of the shirts we sent Elder Barker for Christmas. :)

I'm glad to hear that the missionaries spoke in your ward and that you liked the talks they gave. I've given a few talks in sacrament meeting on my mission. It is always fun to do. So you're going to have the missionaries over for dinner? What are you going to feed them? :D I'm sure whatever it is, it will be good! 

Do I have any experiences about love with the people in my mission? I've had lots of them throughout my mission. I love Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel which is all about developing Christlike attributes. One of my most highlighted is the section on charity and love. I've come to know throughout my mission that having charity and love are what makes everything happen in the Lords work. Love is why we are here, love is why we share the gospel, love is everything in the gospel. 

In fact the first thing we teach people in Lesson 1 from Preach My Gospel is that God is their loving Heavenly Father and that He loves them more than anything. If we can just understand the love God has for us we can more fully understand why he does the things he does. It is super cool to be a missionary because there are so many times when we teach or talk with people when you can just feel the love God has for that person. There is no feeling like that in the world. 

It also leads us to weep when we are rejected only because we feel the sorrow our Father in Heaven must feel seeing His children reject Him. I really think that it is little wonder that God commands us to love Him then to love one another, because then we truly realize how to see people the way God sees them and how much happier we can make them by doing as our Father in Heaven would do. I think if we really want to learn how to love people we need to look at the example of the Savior because in all things He is our Exemplar.

We had our Ward Conference this week, that was super great! The stake presidency really knows what the people here need and gave great talks. So that was cool! 

Something also that was super cool is we took the bus and saw a lot of miracles happen. We got some bus schedules and mapped out our route and spent the day out there. It was super good because we talked with so many people on the bus. There were a lot of them that I felt that were just in the right place at the right time and we were able to dispel some false rumors about the church. 

But the best thing, is that as we were waiting at one of the transfer stations for our bus; we were actually able to meet some Tongans on the street. They are non-members that are related to some of the members of our ward. It was super cool to see how the Lord set that up for us to talk with them. That was a really cool miracle.

By the way, I got my package. And I'm almost through with eating it all! haha So ya I liked it a lot, thank you! It was great!

Anyway, I hope that you all have a great week! I hope your lesson goes well, Momma!

Elder Barker

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