Monday, January 5, 2015

#NewYearsTempleTrip #Baptism

New Years was so great! We spent New Years Eve at the Redlands Temple!! It was so awesome!! I love that Temple, it is really tiny compared to the ones in Utah but I love it so much. I had some really great experiences while inside, Temples are the best! It was pretty chilly that day as well, there was actually snow in some places. 

Mokeni's Baptism was super awesome! His brother Ma'ake baptized him and afterward when he was bearing his testimony, he started crying. The spirit was very strong. It was also one of the smoothest baptisms that I've had, which was great. There were a lot of people there, it was a very good start to the year. First, the temple, then a baptism. I can't believe that 2014 is just gone; it really just flew by! I guess that is what happens when you get lost in the work! 

I've been having a lot of great experiences with the spirit lately and it makes me feel very optimistic about this coming year. I feel that the Lord has some great things in store for the people here. The work is going well. 

Misty has been facing some challenges with her family that have been difficult for her. However it seems that things are going better for her and it seems she still wants to be baptized! She even bore her testimony in Young Women's yesterday! It seems to go like that a lot, just as they are committing to the Gospel; trials and difficulties start to enter into their lives. 

I feel that God allows this to happen so that the investigator can learn for themselves that when challenges arise they need to turn to Him and they will find peace, joy and support. Lately I've really felt the love that God has for His children! He loves us a lot!

I hope that you have a great week! 

Elder Barker
Painted by Phay, a friend of Elder Barker's Mom. 
** A picture of the cookies that Elder Barker & Elder Crossett made to deliver as they caroled has been added to the Dec. 29th post. 

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