Monday, March 2, 2015

A Miracle, A Wedding, And A Baptism to come...

Soooo, you want to know the best thing that happened to us this week?? You might want to get comfortable in your seat. We had some pretty crazy things happen this week and I'm not sure how to put it all into words. I will try and do my best to describe what happened this week because it was pretty nuts. 

Okay so we have Moala (David) and his situation right now. His Mom is coming back to the church and wants him to be baptized. His Dad was super against the church and to keep him from being baptized he was going to come down the first week of March to take Moala and his brothers and sister back to live with him in Seattle. 

Wednesday morning we went over to our Bishop's house to talk with him about what to do. When we got there Sister Tuitupou asked us "have you been praying for miracles?" and we told her that we had been praying really hard for a miracle to happen. And she told us "well we had a big one happen!" She then told us how Moala's Dad decided to come down a week early to pick up the kids and take them away. 

When he got here to Fontana things started to change. He stayed overnight at the Bishop's house and they talked for a long while. As they were talking, Sione (who had been a member of the church in his teenage years and knows the Bible very well) started to ask some questions and Bishop Tuitupou opened the scriptures to answer those questions. He opened the Bible and showed some scriptures about the scattering of Israel. He told Sione how the people in the Book of Mormon were a remnant of the House of Israel led away by the Lord to the the Americas. He showed him in 3rd Nephi where the Savior personally appears to the people here in the Americas. 

They stayed up to 2:00 in the morning talking. Sione started to feel something. He said that it was like a fog was lifted from his mind and he could understand the scriptures more. He started to accept the Book of Mormon. The next day the Bishop took Sione and his ex-wife (Moala's mom) to the church so they could talk things out in his office. He had them open with a prayer and then felt that he needed to leave them alone in his office for a bit. After awhile Bishop came back to see if they were done talking. They told him they had decided on getting re-married, that they were going to live here in Fontana, and that Sione was coming back to the church!

So on Wednesday, after Sister Tuitupou tells us about all this they top everything off by telling us they wanted us to be witnesses at their wedding...that day! So we witnessed a wedding on Wednesday. 


Then on Thursday we had a lesson with Sione to see where he was at in his conversion. We could really feel his desire to learn and to know for himself if the Book of Mormon was true. So we committed him to read at least a chapter and to pray about it and then we left. 

The next morning we went over and asked how the reading went. He told us he had read the introduction, all of the testimonies and the first 2 chapters. Then he told us "I prayed and got my answer right away. It is true!" So Sione went from hating the Church on Sunday to having a testimony from the spirit that the Book of Mormon was true on Thursday night! Oh, and as the icing on the cake, Sione's job in Seattle wants to transfer him here to L.A., then possibly out to Riverside!

So now Moala is going to be baptized by his Dad! And they are all working on going to the temple to be sealed! It amazes me how the Lord really does His own work! The Lord put a broken family back together in less than a week! I have been standing in awe of how powerful and loving Heavenly Father really is. Miracles come after the trial of your faith. Nia was on the verge of losing everything. Her house (she got kicked out by her sister because she is coming back to the church) her children. But because she stood her ground, she got everything including her husband, and soon an eternal family! 

Pretty nuts huh! So that was my week! I hope things are going well for you! I'm enjoying my hair clippers haha! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Barker

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