Monday, March 23, 2015

HOT In The Desert!

So life in the desert is nice. Our area is really small, it is like 2 miles by 2 miles. So we are walking and biking. It gets pretty hot out here from what I hear, like 120 degrees in the summer. So that will be nuts when that comes around! I'm actually not in a tri-companionship after all. The Elder that I was supposed to train was a visa waiter but he ended up getting his visa the day before he was supposed to come out here. So he is headed off to where ever that was supposed to be. 

We found that out on Wednesday when we came to the training meeting. Now I'm a District Leader out here. My companion's name is Elder Duffin, He is from Spanish Fork. Utah. So this is now my third companion from Utah! He likes sports, cars and BYU. That will make Dad happy! (The part about BYU) :)

Things have been really great. We have spent most of our time trying to meet the members here. They are super nice people! And we have some very well off individuals here in the Bermuda Dunes ward so that has been a big change for me! It has been pretty warm for us here already, today it hit the 90's. I don't mind the heat at all, but my companion likes colder weather a lot better. 

Moala and Sione's baptisms are going to be on the 29th of this month, and we are going to be able to be back for that. They actually want us to do the baptism for both of them! that will be exciting! 

Anyway, I hope things are going well for you all back home! I'll have some pictures for you next week I promise! I got a lot of good ones but I forgot my cord! I love you all!!

Elder Barker

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