Monday, March 9, 2015

Teaching & The Spirit

So, you just gotta love Daylight Saving Time, losing an hour of sleep is never fun! :P When I'm home I'm going to sleep for like 10 days straight! I can just live with you and be a bum so I don't have to do anything for a few years right? haha Just kidding!

That is cool that you went to the temple a bunch this week! I wish I could go! But hopefully we will have a temple trip again sometime soon! That would be awesome! 

I don't have as much to write about this week as I did last week, but things are going good. We are still seeing so many great things happening! Sita is warming back up to us and so is Misty! Soon we will be able to teach them again, and they are showing genuine interest. That has been great!

Things are going really well for Moala. Now that his Dad is here he is even more excited about his baptism. We are still waiting on Sione's records though. They are having a hard time finding them. He says that if we can't find them, he wants to be re-baptized with Moala! Sione's testimony seems to get stronger and stronger on a daily basis! 

We are backing off a little with Letta. We are going to let the members of the ward work with her parents to get them on board. If we can do that, then Letta and her siblings will get baptized.

We also are teaching Rodney. He is a white guy that lives with some of our members. He knows the gospel is true he just needs to keep his commitments. Rodney is another example of the Lord doing his own work. He is a little slower so the best way to teach him is just to have him read to us from the Book of Mormon, then the Spirit does the rest. His retention for reading is really really good. He wants to be baptized really soon. He just needs to overcome smoking, then he will be golden!

Anyway things are going great! We're having some really nice spring weather right now, It's starting to warm up and I love that. I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Barker

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