Monday, June 22, 2015

iPads & Missionary Work

Palm Desert Zone Conference
I've been having a good week! We had Zone Conference and it was really good. We mostly talked a lot about ways to find investigators and helps for planning. Then we got our iPads at the end, and spent some time setting them up at the church. It is really nice to have them now, we are really enjoying them a lot. It is great because now we don't have to wait at the library for emailing and stuff like that. We can now just go to the church and spend some time emailing.

The iPads are really nice for the work! They are the mini iPads. We have the gospel library app which is really great! We don't have our area book app yet, but when we do it will be really helpful. It is also nice to share videos during lessons and stuff like that.

It is weird to think that Ammon is going to be coming home soon. It
seems like just yesterday that he was escorting me through the MTC. You know I never asked you what what was it like driving away from the MTC after dropping me off. Was it emotional? :)

The work has been going well. It has been hot lately. It was 118 on
Thursday! The average temperature is about 113 or so. And it is only
supposed to keep getting hotter! It makes it so we have to get creative with how we find people. So it is fun!

Things are going well with the Anderson Family. Sister Anderson came to church! She was able to meet a lot of people at church. We are going to have a lesson with them on Wednesday, so that should go well.

Well, anyway I hope you have a good week! I love you all lots!

Elder Barker

Elder Stafford & Elder Barker

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