Monday, June 15, 2015

Working Hard In The Dunes

Haha Ah poor McKenna! She looks so miserable after getting her wisdom teeth out. I will have to send her an email to cheer her up! :) She looks funny in her picture :P haha But I know that is how I looked too! That is crazy that you are getting a new fence. It will be weird not to have the wooden one that I've had all of my life! it will be strange to see all the changes when I come home, wont it?! 

It is getting really hot over here right now. It has been in the 100's all week. It is supposed to reach 110 this week so that will be fun. ;) We got the package you sent, so we will have fun with the gift cards and everything, thanks! Elder Stafford is really awesome, we get along really well. Funny thing is, he has been companions with every single elder from my MTC district. I'm the last one! 

We have been doing pretty good this week. We have found a new investigator that we will meet with tonight. She is a friend of a member of the ward and is staying with them for the week. We also had a really good lesson with a family that is in a really bad place right now. They reached out to the church because they are going to lose their apartment. The Bishop asked us to go over to meet with them. So we went over and talked with the wife.

We had a very spiritual meeting with her, where we talked about how our message can help improve the quality of her families life. They are not members, but have some member friends that pointed them to the church. We talked about the Savior and asked them if they would like to take the lessons. She told us they were interested, so we invited them out to church so they could meet the Bishop. They didn't end up coming, so we don't know what is going to happen with them. But hopefully things will go well. 

We are seeing a lot of good things happen, so I'm super happy about that. Anyway I love you all! I hope you have a great week! Oh, we get our iPad's this week so that is exciting! We will be able to email from them, so that will be super nice! I'm really stoked! 

Elder Barker

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