Monday, July 27, 2015

Last Day In The Dunes & A Quadpanionship

Elder Stafford, Elder Barker, Oscar, Karen & Paula
Karen and Oscar are like a second family to me, they have a daughter named Paula that reminds me a lot of McKenna. They are are a really sweet family. Gabe is a convert in the ward and he has a really awesome back story. He is super cool and loves spending time with and getting to know the missionaries, that yogurt was really good by the way! :D Sister Broadhead is another sweet lady in the ward, She likes to feed us and her fettuccine is delicious! Also Sister VanBuskirk's pizza is so great too! Haha we had a lot of food before we left. The people in that ward are really great, I will miss them a lot. 
The Elders at 5 Guys
Elder Armstrong & Elder Barker
Elder Taylor & Elder Barker
Things here in the Pioneer ward are going well. There are a few people that remember me, so that is super cool! The weird thing is that I'm in a quadpanionship, so there are four of us together. Elder Thornton, is one of my companions, he is from North Dakota. Elder Allen is another, we get to be companions again, which is great! But he is going home really soon, and once he is gone we will be a trio. Of course Elder Aguilar is good as well! 

We are actually really busy, we will be having a baptism soon. It's a woman named Ashley. She is really cool and has has gone a long way in her teaching, she is on fire right now so it is awesome! 

Anyway, I hope you have a great week! I love you and miss you all! 

Love, Elder Barker

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