Monday, August 24, 2015

Finishing Strong!

This week has been good, I can't believe that it is my last week, it will be nuts! Today I'm going to get a water bottle holder and all the rest of the tune up stuff for my bike taken care of, like the light; so it will be in good shape for the new missionary. I'm also going to get my suit dry cleaned today as well. That way I can look nice and smell nice for you all! haha :D 

Tell Sister VanBuskirk that I totally understand! Also tell her to say 'Hi" to Francisco for me! This week is going to be interesting. So tomorrow I have my departing interview with President Van Cott. Then I have my last P-day on Saturday, so I'll e-mail you then. The reason we are doing that is because on Monday we have a Mission Conference with Elder Robert C. Gay of the Seventy, which will be awesome! So I will go to that and then go to the Mission Home for the rest of the day, I will probably turn in my iPad then. Then the next day I fly home! I will be flying home with Elder Griffin, Elder Frost, Sister Baker and Elder Ashcraft. 
Elder Griffin & Elder Barker (taken at a Zone Meeting)
We have lots of interesting things happening this week, so I imagine it will fly by. This past week was good, we had some good lessons. Our investigator Tyrell is just on fire. He is always keeping his commitments. He comes to church nearly every week. He feels he isn't quite ready for baptism, but I feel he is really close. We also met a guy named John yesterday who doesn't know if he will ever join the church, but he feels his faith strengthened every time he meets with missionaries. We are starting to have quite a few people come out of the wood work who are progressing well, so that has been awesome.

That has been pretty much it for this week, I'm finishing strong! This is it! It is time to sprint to the end! I'm excited for this upcoming week! I love you all lots. I hope you a have a great week as well, remember I'm going to be emailing you on Saturday. I'm excited to see everyone soon!

Elder Barker

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