Monday, August 10, 2015

Making It Count

So I took my bike to a bike shop today to get it tuned up a little. I'm planning on trying to sell it, I just need to find someone to buy it. 

This week I have a departing devotional, I sent out a bunch of invites to people in all of the wards that I've served in. I really hope that some of them can show up! I also have a departing Temple trip and lunch with President on Wednesday coming up here. So I have a lot of stuff to deal with! Ah!! 

I also figure I'm going to throw away a bunch of things that I won't need anymore. Some of my clothes, and things. A lot of my pants are really done for and one of my suits doesn't fit me the greatest anymore.  So I will have to go through everything and see what is stuff I really need and what don't I need. I already threw a lot of junk out when I left my last ward. 

Things here in Redlands have been good. We are busy and we did a lot of service this week. I got a pretty nasty sunburn, but it is fading away now. I might start peeling, who knows. 

Things with our investigators are going. It was hard to meet with them this week but when we did we had really good lessons. Quality over quantity I guess?! Tyrell came to church again so he is on fire! He is excited because he gets to search things out for himself and he isn't being forced to believe anything. He gets to choose. 

We also saw Ashley and she told us that she isn't ready to make certain changes in her life just yet so she wants to stop having lessons. We told her that we understood and that we would be here when she was ready. She really appreciated the fact that we were understanding. So our week I would say was overall good. Oh, and Elder Allen is home now, so that was a sad goodbye but I'll be seeing him again real soon. :)

I really want to make these last few weeks in the mission field count, I want to finish strong! I want to talk with tons of people, teach lots of lessons, all that stuff. I'm not the biggest fan of just sitting around and doing nothing. So I hope to pick up a few new investigators before I come home. I love being a missionary and the longer I get to wear my name tag, the happier I'll be! 

I hope you have a great week! I love you all lots! 

Elder Barker

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